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FleetCare™ Putting You in Control of Your Printing Costs!
Whether your office utilizes four printers or 400 printers, FleetCare™ solution delivers the answers you need to questions you had not even known should be asked. Are printers operating at full capacity? Is frequent maintenance on a printer due to improper workload utilization? Are we paying higher energy costs as a result of antiquated equipment?
Document Solutions supplies you the answers needed to increase effectiveness while maximizing the output of your printer fleet. Organized in a series of easily understood screens, the detailed reports enable managers to optimize usage, more proficiently diagnose problems as they occur and painlessly right-size the printing fleet by boosting efficiencies and reducing output costs.
Within minutes of a quick, easy installation, Assessment & Management Utility (AMU) begins pulling detailed information from networked output devices, including the vast majority of printers, copiers, faxes and multi-function peripherals in use today. Powerful analytical tools then translate the raw data into useful reports, accessible anytime via Web interface. Reports include:
·         Current status for all networked output devices 
·         Supply levels
·         Page counts/meter reads
·         Model descriptions
·         Serial and asset numbers
·         Printer locations
·         Utilization and page coverage
·         Cost/page tracking
·         Automated service alerts
·         Historical trend reports 

FleetCare powered by Modern Office Methods

FleetCare - Putting You in Control of Your Printing Costs!

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