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IBM Lotus Foundations

Focus on your business, not on IT, with IBM Lotus Foundations Start software appliance. Investing in an integrated, effective IT solution can increase employee productivity, reduce overhead and improve your bottom line. 

Running your business is a full-time job, between keeping customers happy, employees productive and the business profitable. Building a technology foundation for your business is not likely something into which you or your team has put much thought. Many businesses are dealing with the challenges of running an office with off-the-shelf e-mail and scheduling systems, as well as other applications that have been pieced together over the years. And while everything seems to work – for the most part – it’s not always the best or most cost-effective way to do business.

IBM Lotus Foundations protects your documents, secures your data and improves the functionality of your business.


IBM Lotus Foundations 

Lotus Foundations Server & Software

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